Sunday 14th October 2018
Unity Yoga Sheffield
Calver Street
Yantra and Mandala Workshop
In this workshop you will learn about the sacred art form of Yantra and Mandala & be guided step by step through the construction & painting of Durga Yantra.
Durga is the remover of negative states & conditions. The Durga Path fills one with the courage & strength needed to overcome & transform the destructive forces & patterns that we all experience. Giving form to a quality in this way helps that potential to be released & realised in life.

Creating a Yantra in a workshop setting is a great way to immerse yourself in this ancient spiritual practice. You will leave with all the tools necessary to create your own unique mandalas, learning valuable techniques to apply to future works of art and personal expression. Creating a Mandala or Yantra is a ritual which allows us time for deep self-reflection & healing, as well as tapping into our creative spirit.

No previous art experience needed. 
All equipment is provided. ​
Cost of the workshop £45
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