Saturday June 10th 2017 10-4pm

The Ladies Room, Spalding Constitutional Club

Broad Street, Spalding, Lincs PE11 1T


A day dedicated to drawing and painting a Surya Yantra Mandala. Representing the energy of the sun, it's vibrant energy will lift your spirit and connect you to the energy that gives life to the whole universe.

Yantra drawing is a wonderful experience and is incredibly rewarding. It's amazing to see how the shape emerges from the paper with each line and how the addition of colour creates the vibrancy and energy of the yantra itself.

During the day, you will be guided to create and paint a yantra of your own. Helena will talk about the significance of yantras and mandalas and will explain how they can be used as a tool for meditation. You will leave with an instruction booklet so that you can do more at home! Look on line for more details and to book.

No previous art experience needed. All equipment provided

Instructional booklet allows you to continue this art form with confidence.

Workshop taught by artist and yoga teacher Helena Turner

Spaces limited, to book


Tel; 07443 602 108


Stress, Mood and Energy

Yoga & Herbs for Hormone Balance from Menarche to Menopause & Beyond 

Sarah Golding & Helena Turner

20th May 10-1pm

SheffieldYoga School, South Road, S6 3TA

This workshop of Yoga & Herbs is designed specifically to support women's health and vitality throughout various stages of our lives. It shows us how to develop a cyclically responsive yoga practice that promotes vibrant good health. Exploring postures, breathing techniques, relaxation, meditation, mudra and mantra to feel, nurture and build the feminine energy of Shakti, which literally means "who is capable of anything" There will be some discussion around womens health and we will look at the use of 2-3 healing plants to nurture, support and balance us. 


Sarah Golding is a nurse and herbalist with 18 years experience working in the NHS and alternative health sector. She has a passion for womens health and how we can use our local plants for optimum health and wellbeing