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Awakening your Potential

Hello, I offer small and friendly classes around Sheffield in the hope that you will experience the wonderful, nourishing and calming effects of yoga for yourself.
What is Yoga?
Yoga means unity, it implies a working together of the mind with all the body's components, gradually unfolding the inner spirit. It is a systematic way for harmonious living, through a combination of postures (asana), breathing exercises (pranayama), deep relaxation and meditation. It is much more than physical exercise and provides the tools to live a balanced, grounded and more centred life. These potentials dwell within you. Through practice you can discover a stronger foundation of your self, renewed energy and a broader perspective of the possibilities for your life. 
Whatever your level of fitness or mobility, whatever your shape or size, there are a wealth of practices available to aid your well-being.


Why Practice Yoga ?

  • Yoga keeps the body healthy and the mind clear.
  • Yoga is a tool for the development of the personality bringing about greater awareness.
  • Yoga can help create a wonderful sense of balance in all aspects of your life.


Covid 19 Crisis 2020

Due to the current corona virus crisis all class are currently on hold. I am running 3 classes via zoom at a suggested donation of £2.50

Classes run by zoom are 


Mondays 7.45-9pm

Wednesdays 6-7pm

Fridays 10-11am


If you would like to try a class please get in touch for the code and ID. 

Please see my youtube page (Swatantra Yoga) for some practices of Sun Salutations and some drawing videos.