I discovered the joys of yoga during my first pregnancy in 1997. The practices have supported me through two pregnancies, birth and motherhood. I have continued to study and deepen my practice and after completing a British Wheel of Yoga foundation course in 2005, I travelled to India to experience ashram life.


My love for yoga continues to grow and I feel passionately about passing on the teachings so others can enjoy its many benefits. I also practice Vipassana Meditation and have participated and helped serve on several silent meditation retreats.

After qualifying as a teacher with Yoga Alliance I went on to complete a three year teacher training in Bihar School of Yoga (Satyananda Yoga), accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga, the leading governing body for yoga teaching standards.


Satyananda Yoga is an authentic, holistic and systematic approach to unlocking human potential with emphasis on combining breath and movement, helping body and mind to find stillness. The training is thorough and based on practical experience, and the teachers are renowned for good quality teaching.

I continue to study attending monthly Yoga days when I can and I practice daily, I am committed to making my life a living yoga practice. 

Since qualifying to teach I have also trained in the practice of Thai Yoga Massage.,

I have taken a Six month training in meditation techniques with Swami Pragyamurti. Also attended several retreats and two day workshops and more recently (2016) I untertook a six month Module in Yoga for Mental Health with Sn Amarajyoti. I occasionally run courses in Yogic Tools to Improve Mental Health - Short Courses  


I have seen many people, including myself, benefit from a mindful yoga practice that helps us to work with our fluctuating energies to bring about a state of steadiness and balance.

In 2018 I took a training course in the 'Vashita Method of Pranayama' which is a simple and effective way to develop the breathing practices and improve our health and well being. I then continued with another course spread over 8 months " Progressive stages of pranayama" with Maarten Vermasse.  


I am deeply grateful for all my Yoga Teachers, who continue to inspire me, and to all the students who keep on teaching me.

I have experience of teaching all ages from pre-school, teenagers, to the elderly, and from large groups to one to one sessions. I also teach a class for 10 -16 year olds with a wide range of Special Needs and a class for people with learning difficulties. 

Based on my experience as a carer for a wheelchair user I have devised a class for people with limited mobilities called Chair Yoga. I feel that yoga can offer many tools for supporting day to day life for people with disabilities, limited mobility and other special needs.

I am passionate about what yoga has to offer and teach from my heart. 



" I have attended Helena's classes for five years now and at the end of class have always felt restored and reinvigorated for the day ahead.

Everytime I have gone, by the end of class, I have found a deep and lasting sense of genuine peace and relaxation.

My disability means that I have additional need for the physical and psycological benefits of yoga. I have always found this provides no obstacle, whatsoever, to my yoga practice in Helena's classes''.     


''I avoided yoga classes because I didnt think I was flexible enough. With Helena I discovered that my body is flexible. 

Helena teaches a style of yoga which encourages you to move your body in a gentle way.

I struggled with yoga for many years. I was despondent. Helena showed me how to be gentle with myself. Every class is a joy''.  


Yantra / Mandala painting Workshops

See Workshops for more info

" my first experience with Helena was on a Thai Yoga massage Course where she was asked by the teacher to lead a sun salutation, the explanation of each posture and transistion into it was simple but with depth. I was instanly captivated and intrigued and wanted to speak to Helena about her style of yoga and know more about her journey. When I saw her Yantra and Mandala work I was blown away. I invited Helena to do a day workshop with my yoga friends and it was an amazing day with amazing results. Helena is a true artist in every sense of the word but she demonstrates that this art is achievable by anyone. I have continued with the Yantra painting and use it as a tool to relax and calm my mind and in meditative practice. I would love to attend a regular class and improve and deepen this."

" Helena is a big hearted teacher - she believes that everyone can be creative and manages to communicate in a way that helps even the most unconfident painter can feel relaxed and capable of creating something beautiful. She facilitates the Yantra painting in a way that gives an experience of yogic mindful activity. Where there are opportunities to notice parallells between the way we approach creativity and the way we approach life. However this is not explicit so if you just want to view it as a simple drawing task this is welcomed as well."